Earning a Bachelor’s Degree After Age 50

It’s true; I sometimes have to pinch myself to believe that I have been earning a higher education degree at my age. I am going to be a teacher in seven months, and I could not be more thrilled about the career that is ahead of me.

It all started when I began to search online about the possibilities of an older person pursuing a higher education after years of not going to college, or in my case, years away from the start of a college education that was abruptly halted for personal reasons.

It’s just amazing what I found online: That a person over the age of 50 could pursue a degree. It was just a matter of what degree someone could obtain, and how he or she could obtain it.

First, I looked into the traditional “brick and mortar” campuses out there, but what was really exciting was that I located several “online” universities that could provide a means to obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree for a very busy, working individual like me.

Secondly, I looked into the cost of actually attending college. Surprisingly enough, most of the online schools are really affordable, and most are quite willing to arrange payments for every semester one could attend, whether attending part-time or full-time.

Last, but not least, I looked into what the requirements were for applying to the educational institutes; especially those that were available for me to attend online.

I discovered that I could start by submitting a personal essay on why I wanted to attend an online college. My essay needed to include my previous educational history, what I intended to do with my degree, should I earn it from a specific college, and why I believed I was a great candidate to pursue a degree at their institution.

The results I received were all positive, and I was able to decide on the best college that would fit my financial needs. Since quite a few of the schools were highly affordable, I decided to choose the most affordable one, which happened to be in a state close by me.

From that day forward, I was on my way to earning my first Bachelor’s Degree.

It can be tough at times to pursue college after the age of 50, but it has been worth it to me since I will soon be a certified, licensed teacher.

Earning My Degree is Helping Me Move Ahead

There is nothing more important in life than moving ahead and advancing in all that I do. I would love to have an education that will help me move on in my life. I am so excited to learn and grow. I am so excited to have a degree that I am working toward. I know that my education is going to help me in my future. I know that everything that I learn will help me move ahead in some small way. I know that I will never waste any of the education that I gain. I know that my life is going to get better because of the education that I have been gaining.

I am working on obtaining a degree right now. This degree is very important to me. I know that this degree is going to help me have a brighter future. I know that this degree is going to help me get the kind of job that I want and advance in my career. I know that this degree is going to help me succeed. I am excited to see how much more money I will be able to earn when I have my degree. I know that this education that I am receiving is going to help me build a better life for myself. I am going to move ahead. I am going to be a better person. I am excited for all that the future is going to bring and for the person that I am becoming.

Teaching as a Career

If you have ever considered a career as a teacher, like me, the first thing that you need to consider is where you will get the education required to become a certified, licensed teacher in your state.

My experience with pursuing a career as a teacher has been an amazing experience, and one that I would happily do all over again, were I given the chance to do so.

Actually, being given a chance to obtain a teaching career was really easy for me, once I knew where I would be attending college.

I was thrilled to be accepted at a half-dozen online universities, and had to narrow it down to the one that would allow me to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Science. The most important factor, in addition to the low, affordable cost of attending the institute was that the school holds at least three accreditation certificates since it is, after all, educating future teachers.

I like that the university I have been attending has a separate Teacher’s College that is available to future teachers learning online at the institute. This makes learning very easy since it is like attending a physical, ‘brick and mortar” campus, but the community for students and professors is online, rather than in buildings.

I like that students can easily pose questions online,through discussion boards that every individual class produces. This particularly important part of the online college experience is very helpful, especially when working on assigned tasks.

Most online colleges create two specific types of examinations that they offer to students. One is an “objective” exam, which means that you will be answering multiple choice or short answer questions. The other type of examination is a “performance” exam since you will need to answer an essay question, or provide written proof, through prompts, that you understand and have learned about a specific subject.

The professors who teach online courses are really wonderful to work with because they truly want you to succeed as a student. I found that every professor I reached out to, regarding understanding the directions for writing an essay, was both helpful and kind. I never felt alone while studying and learning from each class I took to earn my college credits, which allowed me to get closer to the career of my dreams: Teaching Science.

If you have been thinking about changing your career, consider attending college.

Why Didnt They Have a Course in High School For This?!

I don’t even know what a FAFSA is! Not even old enough to say I’m an adult (though I think I’ve got most of this life thing figured out) and I’ve got to figure out who I want to be, what I want to do, and how I’m going to go about getting it?! Madness, but it’s an exciting challenge! Some of us have always had a calling, and we always knew our direction. For me, I was going to take care of animals. And nothing was going to stop me from becoming the best veterinarian on the planet.

But before I can go about performing heart surgery on canaries and mending broken paws with cute pink casts and rainbow stickers, I’ve got to get this scholarship thing figured out. The guidance services in school were less than helpful, I recommended they seek out the aid of a service dog because they were obviously blind.

I thought the best way to start would be by looking around on the net for other people like me, who wanted to learn how help all the animals in the world but didn’t have the funds to get into one of the better universities even if they did have enough love and enough brains! It was a little overwhelming at first but dedication and organization saw me through it – and writing the sample essays for applications was a breeze when you’ve got this much passion for a cause.

The waiting and the daydreaming after submitting the applications was probably the hardest part. I wasn’t worried about them getting accepted, necessarily, I had filled out so many I knew I’d get enough! This always led to me thinking maybe with some of the scholarships and grants overlapping I could afford another story on Oscar’s dog house. Or maybe another two foot mirror for the parrot, Sir Squawks.

Time to put my positive energy out into the world and let it shine back on me!